How it works

Get dozens of designs to choose from, made by top designers across the country + Customize your favourite design to perfection, starting only @ Rs. 3999

  1. Fill the form below with your preferences for the logo
  2. Choose your desired package
  3. Our team reviews your preferences and asks for clarification, if required 
  4. Once all the required details are received, Your contest goes live & you are sent a link to check all the submissions
  5. All eligible designers are notified about your contest through an automated mail/whatsapp message.
  6. You start receiving entries within 24 hours 
  7. You can use the discussion board to suggest changes or rate all the designs
  8. Select the contest winner 
  9. Customize your logo to perfection by discussing directly with the winning designer

Logo, Business Card, Letterhead & Social Media design

We offer various packages consisting of all your design requirements. 

Between 2-7 days

You can expect the first few concepts to be ready within the first 24 hours of your contest being live. However, we recommending waiting for a week to make sure you receive the submissions from all the top designers. 

All editable vector files (AI/CDR), PNG, PDF & JPEG

Once you finalise the contest winner, you get all the files mailed to your email inbox within an hour, in  a zipped folder. It'll contain all the files and fonts required to make any changes later on.

In case anything is missing, you can always contact us to get it added. 

A dedicated internal team for quality checks

We have our internal team to make sure that all the designs submitted are completely original and meet the required quality checks. Any submission in violation fo the same will be automatically disqualified. 


Submit your preferences by filling the form or Drop us a message on whatsapp in case you have any query. In case you’re facing problems with the communication tool, you can reach out to us on this number – + 91 7381085236